How to Get NBA League Pass at a Lower Price

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With the 2019-2020 NBA regular season underway, fans all over the world are once again thrilled and excited to root for their favorite teams and players competing against the best basketball squads in the world. When the NBA regular season starts, make sure that you have access to NBA’s League Pass so you won’t miss any of the games.

US league pass is too expensive for you? Not a problem at all, our team got you covered here. Read the following article to find out how to save BIG on your NBA league pass membership!

What will it cost me to watch the NBA with a League Pass?

This is the current price in the US for NBA League Pass memberships: $199.99 .

Which NBA League Pass Subscription Should I Get?

There are two kinds of NBA League Pass variants that users can sign up to: the US version and the International League Pass. The significant difference between the two passes is that the US version only showcases the regular season games while the International version feature all games of the current season (including the Playoffs). The problem with the US NBA League Pass is that it is also plagued with blackout restrictions, meaning you won’t be able to watch a game live if the game is being broadcasted on local TV.

With the international NBA League Pass you will be able to watch all the regular season games as well as the All-Star Weekend specials, the Playoffs and of course the NBA Finals.

Plus, there won’t be any blackouts on the International LP. Therefore, you can enjoy your viewing habits anytime and on any of your devices (computer, mobile or tablet).

We highly recommend that you purchase the International NBA League Pass simply because it offers more features than the US league pass equivalent. Some of the International league pass versions are also priced relatively cheaper compared to the league passes in major countries in the world.

Which country has the cheapest NBA League Pass?

The cheapest League Pass of all the available packages worldwide are those of India, south-east asian countries such as the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam and South Africa. If you would like to get the most out of your NBA League Pass subscription, you might as well subscribe to any of the cheapest international packages. Not only are you getting a cheaper version, but you are also going to get all the games on your device for only a fraction of the price!

Refer to the list below for the NBA League Pass prices in different countries.

  • New Zealand – NZ$ 359.99 or approx. $242
  • Australia – AUD 329.99 or approx. $240
  • Germany -€ 209.99 or approx. $240
  • United States / Canada – $199.99
  • Japan – ¥ 23,999 or approx. $200
  • Pakistan – Rs 13,999.99 or approx. $134
  • Brazil – $89.99 Chile – $89.99
  • Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia – $89.99
  • Malaysia – RM 559.99 or approx. $128
  • Romania – TL 479.99 or approx. $122
  • Algeria – DZD 11,999.99 or approx. $113
  • Philippines – ₱ 5,199.99 or approx. $112
  • India – Rs 999 or approx. $14,10
  • South Africa – R 1,499.99 or approx. $89.99

nba league pass
How to get an International NBA League Pass?

In order to subscribe to an international NBA League Pass, one must be connected to a VPN server so that he can access NBA League Pass for other countries outside the US. If you haven’t subscribed to any VPN service provider yet, we recommend that you purchase at least one month’s subscription from the VPNs below so you can access your NBA League Pass and get it for a lower price.

We recommend the following top VPNs depending on your budget and needs:

• ExpressVPN for top notch performance and if you can afford it. Visit ExpressVPN!
• NordVPN offers a good mix of performances and security at an affordable price. Visit NordVPN!
• PureVPN offers a more budget friendly option. Visit PureVPN!
Their VPN clients can all give you the necessary IP address to access the NBA League Pass in either, India, the Philippines or South Africa. Once you are connected to the appropriate VPN server, you are now virtually present in that location, and thus you can get an international League Pass subscription at a bargain price.

Let’s get Started!

Here is a step by step quick guide explaining how to achieve this.

• A good browser allowing you to easily clear your navigation history, cache and cookies. Chromium based browsers make it easy to clear your navigation data so we recommend using one of them such as Chrome.

• For payment, we recommend using either Paypal (or a virtual credit card service like or crypto currencies such as Bitcoin. Do not use your normal credit card here as the transaction could get flagged!

• A VPN Provider – This is very important. You need a VPN that offers fast speeds and which is good for streaming since you will be streaming high-quality video. We suggest using ExpressVPN which is the best VPN for speed according to our tests. There are several websites that hype other VPNs. Do yourself a favor and stay away from NordVPN or any other option for streaming. All of them are too slow for video streaming.

Avoid blackouts, watch all nationally broadcasted games and get NBA League Pass for a lower price. Connect to a VPN today and enjoy the 2019-2020 NBA season without limits!

Do You Need to be Connected to a VPN to Watch NBA?

Over the past few years you only needed to use a VPN during the signup process and could still watch the NBA without using your VPN once you were signed up. This is not possible anymore and you now need to be using your VPN client using an IP adress from the country you signed up to! The NBA is well aware of such practices and has tighten their geo-blocking game.

For this reason, you need to sign up for a VPN membership offering the best speeds if you do not want to suffer from buffering issues and in order to enjoy watching NBA games in full HD!

Can I watch the Playoffs with League Pass?

Playoffs are where players reputations are made and is without a doubt the most interesting part of any NBA season! An international league pass allows you to watch the playoffs depending on the country you select. Make sure you choose wisely before making any commitment!

What about the All-Star Week-end?

Same rule applies for the NBA All-Star week-end. You will need to make sure you sign up from a country that has the ASG included in your membership!