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VPN Creative, just finalized a merger with French website Opportunites Digitales, one of the leading name in Virtual Private Network (VPN) research and statistics. The goal of this merger is to better serve both the European and North American markets.

If you are looking for some of the comparison articles, VPN reviews or articles previously available on vpncreative.net, please stick around, we have you covered !

Here is a list of all the great content you will be able to find out which was imported from our previous website:

Internet and VPN users in both Europe and North America welcome the recent merger between the websites VPN Creative and Opportunites Digitales. 

Labelled as the “Creative Opportunites” partnership, this new strategic collaboration sees the merger of 2 established websites and companies. This new powerhouse is providing web users with a wide range of reviews, guides and research related to online security and VPN. 

“With security playing an increasingly critical role in every aspect of business and personal activity online, both companies recognize that they need to accelerate the development of digital solutions and global cooperation. The goal is to ensure they remain on the competitive vanguard both on the European and North American markets,” stated Dan Parker, CEO of VPN Creative

Security on the world wide web remains a major problem faced by billions of users and companies across the world. With the increasing number of web users and companies trying to leverage the power of internet to reach their target audience, it has become critical to create tools that can guarantee web user safety and protect them while browsing. While there are hundreds of tools on the market promising to offer a relative safety, we fell that more has to be done in order to reach businesses and individuals increasing needs. This is where teams at VPN Creative and Opportunites Digitales are looking to make a difference with the recent merger and acquisition. 

“By combining Opportunites Digitales and VPN Creative knowledge and experience, we are creating a powerhouse in the large growing, private and enterprise service security markets. We will now be able to offer French, European, and North American readers with the best security analysis available to make an educated security-oriented choice,” claimed Opportunites Digitales CEO Damien Tremblay. 

This recent strategic partnership is going to bring together a wide range of skills in security and technology strategy, product creation, technology review, development and deployment, and security analysis, helping users of the platform enjoy an amazing online experience. The short term goal of the merger is to deliver the best solutions to the European and mainly French VPN and security market. The move will also help in consolidating the companies’ positions before making a more strategic move into the English-speaking markets such as the UK and North America.